ART with Fedora 36

I have an older laptop that I want to setup with Fedora 36 + xfce and I’d like to install ART. There’s no rpm.

Before I start the install, I’d like to know if anybody has used the ART-1.13-linux64.tar.xz on Fedora and that it works.

In past, there were some reports that it didn’t work with “some libraries” and sometimes the ld_preload would work and some other times it wouldn’t…


Oh sorry, I misunderstood :grimacing:

Before I start the install (of Fedora)…:man_facepalming:


If this counts: A fresh install in a VM, updated, then ART. It shows some error in the CLI on startup, but they seem to be harmless. I have no glue if there is anything to install to get rid of them.


Was this Fedora?

I have similar harmless gtk errors in my debian.

Yes, Fedora 36 Xfce, fresh install in VMWare Player, let dnfdragora do some updates, started ART.


Now the weekend will be busy doing the full install.


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Here are some helpful tips, especially regarding the multimedia codecs and some Gnome-tweaks - though I recommend using XFCE.
Have fun! 17 Things to do After Installing Fedora 36

Didn’t know about that one, but will do most of it.

I’ve never used or installed Fedora. I’m currently using Debian 11 on my own laptop, so it’s shouldn’t be too bad.


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