Article: Setting up RT for artwork reproduction

I’ve been using RT in my artwork reproduction print shop for a couple years now - and just added an article to the newly started blog on my website with instructions on how to set up an RT profile for doing artwork reproduction. This is the first in a series of articles detailing the workflow we use in-house and teach in our in-person classes about photographing artworks.

Here is the link:

Would love to hear any feedback y’all may have. I’m always striving to improve our output and workflow.

I’m pretty new to writing articles like this, and am trying to do a variety of in-depth technical articles on my site (such as this other one comparing our Canon Pro-4100 to our humble Canon G7020 home/office printer: )


Future articles in this series will include how we use Flatfields to even out lighting, and how we use both our in-house-designed and commercial color cards with Lumariver Profile Designer to create input ICC profiles

Welcome to the forum and thanks for being so generous to share this information.

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What a nice article! Thanks for sharing.


Hello @KatrinaBSLPrints

Thanks a lot for this in-depth tutorial which is indeed well done!

Do you use dcp (by way of an Xrite colorchecker passport, for instance) in your workflow?

To my little knowledge, with RawTherapee it is a bit complicated, because you need to install the Adobe Dng converter software (to convert your Raws file to DNG) plus the proprietary software of Xrite (to get the final dcp).

Looking forward to your next tutorial on the Flatfields to even out lighting :slight_smile:

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We mostly use our custom in-house color charts along with Lumariver Profile Designer Repro Edition (which is a gui for dcamprof) to create our ICC profiles, but I do hope to write articles on other workflows once we get our main one published :slight_smile:

I need to do some tests using argyll for camera profiling as well - we use Argyll for our printing profiles, and I’m interested to see how it holds up against Lumariver for input profiles.

Thanks a lot for this article, Katrina! I am looking forward on the coming articles of your workflow!

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