ARW files not appearing in file browser?

Windows 10, latest stable version of RawTherapee. When I navigate to a folder with both jpgs and ARW files (from a Sony A7IV shooting in RAW+JPG mode), the jpg files show up as thumbs but the ARW files do not. I have checked that arw is selected in preferences. Am I missing something?

It could be that RT doesn’t support the lossless compression of new Sonys. Try setting your cam to lossy or uncompressed.

That’s certainly possible. Am I just SOL for now with the ones I already took? Is this a bug report or feature request?

You can convert them to DNG and use those for the time being.

Not sure if Adobe’s DNG converter would work (I’m on Linux, cannot check). I do believe that Online Converter can do it for you. Tested with an ARW from a 7m4 that does not show up on RT (stable or development).

I don’t think it is a bug. Can’t find anything on GitHub about this, so you might want to file a FR.

You can see it’s known. Entropy512 stated that at least he will propably not look into it before the migration from dcraw to libraw. So it doesn’t seem to be in work right now.

As for your already taken photos you propably would have to make the detour over DNG. Libraw can handle the files, so you could edit them in ART or convert them with digikam or Adobe DNG Converter to DNG and then open them in RT.

Unfortunately what I really need is the PDAF lines filter preprocessing feature. Argh! Thank you for your assistance, though. It was very useful.

I don’t want to be too missionary, but maybe it helps to know that ART has this feature too if you really need it. So maybe it might be an option for at least the already taken photos.

Can’t hurt! Thanks again.