Ask for a quick test

Hi, I would like to ask owners of full frame cameras for a quick test, so that I can compare to mine.
The test:
1 - Set camera to manual 1/8,000 f/8 ISO 200
2 - Cover lens with lens cap
3 - Shoot

4.1a - Open the raw in Darktable 2.7, compress history stack to original, set filmic to HDR++ preset and in filmic, push the middle grey luminance slider all the way down to left;
4.1b - Export to jpg 100% 1920 and post here

4.1b - Post the raw file so that I can do step 4.1a above

My jpg is like this:

I appreciate.

Out of curiosity: why does it have to be a fullframe?
[I have not got one :frowning: ]

Well, don’t have a reason actually, but I thought it would make the test closer to mine… Would you do it with yours anyway?

Why f8 when using a lenscap?
I also suggest to cover the viewfinder (in case of DSLR)

I followed the settings from this test:

My instinct would be to set the f-stop to the one I would use to take my photos regularly.

For consistency, I will follow your instructions. Will upload in a bit…

er… everything went fine until your step 4.1b:
Export to jpg 100% 1920


Here is my raw file, the second of two shots. NB. The max speed of my camera is 1/4000s and has a crop sensor.

_MG_1214.CR2 (17.8 MB)

@gadolf A crop without resizing is the way to go.

In case you mean max width, here is mine:

Fuji X-T1 and I only have 1/4000 sec

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Thanks, @afre.
Pushed it with filmic:

_MG_1214.CR2.xmp (1.8 KB)

Cool. Apparently my camera is more Scottish than both of yours. :stuck_out_tongue:


Your camera’s model is from 2010, mine from 2005, Claes’s from 2014.

Can we draw a conclusion from what we have?

Are we seeing different stages of sensors life cycle (mine one step from the grave?..)

EDIT: Forgot to mention another thread from dpreview, not so technical as the other one, but where folks don’t have many questions in condemning a sensor with the same issue as mine:

Fuji uses a different sensor pattern, it’s not Bayer its xtrans.

Humm, so it would be nice to have a more recent camera example…

I have EOS 6D. Fastest speed is 1/4000sec. Here is the link to the raw file with 1/4000, f/8, ISO200.

Thanks, @shreedhar.
Here is yours, a model from 2013.

IMG_0048.CR2.xmp (2.9 KB)

May I ask what this is good for (without reading the dpreview thread)? Just being curious…

Here is Lumix DMC-LX3

Something related to and

Sorry, I should have made it clear from the beginning.
I had already addressed this question before here in the forum when I edited a picture I took with this old camera I bought a month ago.
Today, while editing another picture, the bands showed up again but, this time, I researched the Internet to see what they mean, and found this post where they were doing the steps above to reveal the noise pattern.
I’ve asked for this test to confirm what they say on the web, which is, basically, the sensor end-of-life, and that a newer camera wouldn’t show that pattern.
So, although I still get good images when the light is good and uniform, it seems that the camera shows its limits in recovering deeper shadows.
Here’s the picture I was editing today (exposure + filmic):

EDIT: I tried using that black frame in Rawtherapee’s raw tab to reduce the effect, but no success.