Aspect-Ratio Lock Symbol too small > how can I change it?


I use GiMP 2.10.18 and my problem is, that the Aspect-Ratio symbol is so small and the locking/unlocking can not easily be seen.

In GIMP 2.6.11 it was bigger and good to see, if locked or unlocked.

Does anyone know, where I can find the symbol on the system, what is the the name of the icon-image?

I searched in the symbols of GIMP, but couldn’t find anything.

Maybe someone can give me a tip, where the symbol is to find.

Thank you very much

Moinchen, @christian_gimp, and welcome!

Operating system?

Actually, it seems a bit problematic to get every parameter to cooperate :frowning:
I use this setting in The Gimp:
Edit | Preferences | Icon Theme | Symbolic | Guess icon size from resolution
and then click Reset.



Claes in Lund, Schweden

Hello Claes,

first thank you for your nice answer.

I tried some out and recognized then, that gimp displays the icon-folder:

So I could find the icons and changed them for a better look.
The thing is, that even, if the icons are made bigger (eg. 72x72 px), they stay small in gimp. Gimp seems to fix them on a 24px-size.
So instead of, I changed the colors to green and red and now it’s clear to see, if the aspect ratio is locked or not. :slight_smile:

If you have interest, I can post the icons.

Nice greetings, thanks again