Assigning Star Ratings Workflow

Ubernoob fumbling through my first few days with Digikam. I’m in preview mode, scrolling through my images using the left and right arrows. When I see an image I like I click on the stars in the thumbnail image in the carousal above the large preview. It moves the image to the end of the carousal and I have to find my way back to where I left off. Is there a way to give a star rating to an enlarged image that does not cause me to lose my place in the order of the pictures? Can I sort the images in the carousal by timestamp or something?

Here’s a screenshot

Would pressing number keys do it?
That’s how I do it in darktable, but I confess I never tried it in DK.

Thanks for the suggestion. I just tried it but didn’t work. Using a shortcut key might be the answer though, I’ll look it up and see if it works.

You can right click and select star rating批注 2020-02-23 085030

Thanks for the help, it worked for assigning the rating to the image but it still moves the image to the end of the carousal, so I still have to scroll back find the spot where I left off. Is there a way to have the image not change locations in the carousal when I make a change to it? It moves to the end of the carousal if I assign a tag, rating or other label.

I would try changing the sort order.

I’m guessing you have items sorted by rating; I’d change that to something else.

In case it helps, I rate items by using the fullscreen view and using the keyboard shortcuts. My default sort order is by filename. I don’t ever use the sort-by-rating option. I do, however, often use a filter to display only images above a certain rating.

Thanks for the help, how do I change the sort order?

Sounds like that should work. I can’t find how to change it from last modified to creation date/time. Any suggestions?

I have resolved this issue by adding the “Sort Items” action in the Configure Toolbars dialog box. Access the Configure Toolbars menu by right clicking a blank section of the the top tool bar. I had to restart Digikam but it works. Now I have a drop down menu that allows me to sort the images by a number of different parameters. Thank you @ashurbanipal @gadolf and Andrius for the guidance.

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If you don’t want having it on the Toolbar you can always go to the ‘View’ menu of the menubar.

Glad you got it to work! I use the View menu to change the sort behavior, as @Andrius outlined.

@ashurbanipal @Andrius – thanks again. After fiddling around with it more I realize I must have fat fingered CTRL+M because the very top menu bar was hidden (Browse, Album etc) so I didn’t have a “View” displaying. Awesome. with this toolbar displaying things are looking good!

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