Austrian fountain

Found this one during a visit in Vienna, Austria. It was a handheld shot in a bad light situation. I wanted to get a longest possible exposure time to highlight the water flow while keeping ISO as low as possible. Found a compromise at 1/10 seconds with ISO 800 and a wide-open lens (f2.8).

This image contains everything that your RAW developing tool likes so much: overexposed lights and reflections, the image is somewhat-sharp, has noise, many details in the shadows to discover, no reference for white balance (just yellowish lamps) and that blue parts that yell for gamut clipping.

The screenshot was taken just after opening it with darktable without further processing.

20200906_Wien_1636.DNG (28.6 MB)
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Nice image to work on.

It is hard to decide what to do with the White Balance not knowing what colour the surrounding lights are. Kept mine towards the warmer orange, mainly artistic freedom 'cause I did not like this with a white wall combined with the blue/purple.

Details in the shadows are nice…

Anyway: Thanks for sharing.


Nice, thanks for posting.

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DT 3.2.1

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colour nightmares like this scream for black and white:

20200906_Wien_1636.DNG.xmp (33.4 KB)

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20200906_Wien_1636.DNG.xmp (14.7 KB) 20200906_Wien_1636_01.DNG.xmp (15.7 KB)

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Nice out-of-gamut blue :wink:

20200906_Wien_1636.DNG.xmp (9,6 Ko)

Variant with brighter blue (since I have no idea how it was):

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20200906_Wien_1636.DNG.xmp (18,3 Ko)

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