autofocus issues on FUJIFILM XT5

Hello photographers

Are here some FUJIFILM users?
Can someone give some opinion or shine a light here?

I recently switched from FUJI XT1 to XT5 in the hope the AF will be better. That is what the sales team had promised in the store.
Unfortunately when shooting rapid moving objects like indoor and outdoor sports the focus is just not good. The body is also slow and lags in S an CH mode…
I do not know what to do…I switched lenses (27/55-200/35), switched AF mode (single, tracking…) and focus mode (S C M) switched to auto all auto (ISO, A + Shutter) and tried also manual settings. I even used the face recognition (which is very bad in crowds by the way, it does not know which face to cover first…) I also tried manual focus or to follow the subject with the focus stick on the back. And still I do not achieve results as other FUJI shooters shown in ads.
Is it just a small street photo camera is am I a super bad photographer?
For my stills and real estate work it does OK, but sometimes also not super crisp and sharp as I would like it to be.
Should I switch back to a DSLR? Canon or Nikon then?
Well, your comments are welcome.
Thank you so much.


Hi @Laut,

I do not have an X-T5 (only an X-T4).
Just a few thoughts: might you have too many focus points selected? Or is PRE-AF selected? Is touch-screen on or off? It may sound idiotic, but when I had touch-screen set to focus — and when I framed the shot, my nose touched the screen, and changed point-of-focus :-(((

Somewhat more info here: Autofocus

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Hi Claes
Thank you so much.
The focus points are as set by default. PRE AF is on yes. Touch screen I prefer it off :), for the same reason.

Try setting pre-AF off, and set focus points to minimum (i.e. 1 square).
At least for a test… And, oh yes, what’s it called… “do not engage shutter until focus is found” (can’t remember the exact wording).

PS: You have the latest firmware (v1.03) for that camera, right?

normally yes. I just bought it last month.

ok i will do. i do not really understand what you mean by the ‘do not engage…’ part :)?

I think @Claes was referring to “release-focus_priority”, which controls whether you can take your photo while the camera does not think it is in focus.

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Thank you elGordo. I will try all those tips.
Greetings from Belgium to you all!

Also worth checking the firmware for the lenses.

Also for fast sport you might want to burst a few frames.

Thx Chirs! Will do!

Thank you Darix, off course an important one that i did not really think of.


I’ve an X-H1 and don’t have any of those issues you posted. I don’t have a clue of what is those AF issues…
Claes pointed you about the firmware updates and Chris about lenses firmware. Maybe it’s time to visit the X-T5 sellers and explain them about those issues.

Greetings from Habana, Cuba.

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Hi Franklin
Thank you.
I did visit the dealer.
One of them told me I do not know my basics of photography and that is why I just suck basically :(. Great advise that… I have a masters degree in Audiovisual Arts and filmmaking, so I must know something :)…
The 5 was an amazing machine and It was I who could not use it.
They also told me the lenses also grow old and that maybe my lenses are not up to speed anymore and I should buy new ones…
I miss the old days of photography. Now you just have to get new stuff every 6 months…

This exercise has already taught you something: you now know a dealer you should avoid.

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well they are the only ones in an area of 50km…


Maybe the seller is well prepared… :wink: … in sales and marketing :grin:

Fujifilm have great cameras. The X-H2s is a killer machine and I’ve used the X-T3 with great results, actually, some of my friends are using X-T3 and the reviews of the X-T5 are amazing, so, maybe it’s a configuration thing. Really hope the camera you get suit your needs and hope to see great photos from you soon.


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Probably an obvious point, but just worth asking; are ‘picking up focus’ by pressing and holding the shutter button halfway before you want the shot, then pushing the button the rest of the way to actually take the shot when your subject is on position?

This is how it’s usually designed to work, (although I don’t own a Fuji). If you were to only push the shutter all the way in one movement at the instant that you want the shot, I think any camera will lag a fair bit.

Autofocus is one of those things which (at least on my older Nikon) does need a certain amount of practice and understanding - not implying that you don’t, just pondering aloud!

EDIT: I’m referring to AF-C (continous AF) above… applies to AF-S to but that won’t adjust after inital lock obviously