Automatic activation of lens correction

On thing I wonder for quite some time, but never got around to ask:
Is there a way to activate lens correction by default in darktable?

Make a style and apply the style automatically.

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I use an auto applied preset for that instead of a style.

I think I tried that, but when I remember correctly, it always used the same focal length,… I had when I created the style, not the correct one.

EDIT: I used a preset, not a style. Have to look into what a style was again.

So it always uses the right focal length for you?
Then I’d have to try it again.

There is a catch if you are talking about a global auto-applied preset (no matter the camera/lens): You cannot set any of the options.

Just turn it on, select “store new preset”, select auto apply, give it a name and you’re done.


Thanks, I’ll try that!

I know you can do that with presets. Can you do it with styles?

This solution works for me :slight_smile:

(And now I’ll look into

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Sorry… Preset, not style… Though a style is a group.of presets.

Another happy costumer :slight_smile:

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Who lives 15 minutes away from who, if your location is still accurate ^^

Is it an all-or-nothing? I’d love to be able to auto-enable only chromatic aberration and vignetting correction, with distortion correction off by default.

As far as I’ve been able to figure things out it is all-or-nothing.

Just in case: This solution is about setting an automated global (camera/lens independent) lens correction, which I doubt is something that the majority of the users actually need.

The reason I have one is because I do a lot of PlayRaw edits and some general testing using many different Camera/Lens combo’s.

For my own gear I have set up multiple, very specific automated presets.

I’m a bit closer. The location I mention should be read as In the area of The Hague. Don’t want to be too specific now…

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I am in The Hague BTW.