Automatic photo editing: are you in?..


Don’t you hear about AI in photography more and more often? I do. Here’s another article: What do you think? IMO, auto photo editing can be useful but it needs to be well improved so people don’t look like inflatable dolls on portraits.

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In a way, your camera’s jpg is an auto edit. All this new stuff isn’t ready and is full of marketing junk.

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I have a batch processing recipe to produce proofs from raw. After that, I want to mess with selected ones by hand…

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:thinking: I think you got duped into posting a sponsored post. See here:


Since Adobe raised prices → let’s pay for this article to be written!

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Already possible in existing raw editors. Also, Krita and Photoflow can do automated editing as they both supports filter layers and mask, clone layers, multiple color space that is not GrayA or RGB. Krita supports non-destructive layer styles, layers in different color space from document color space, file layers, transform masks. G’MIC can also do automatic editing.

Not much is missing in Linux though there’s still a workflow issue.


What kind of credibility?

In my opinion, one of the more impressive things that Photoworks does is the Change Background tool