Automatic switch between wifi hot spot and joining a known network

I’ve been working with this on another project, and have manually made it work with Little Backup Box. Now there is an installer script in the works.

Basically, your Raspberry Pi will Join any network you have configured, and if no know network is found on boot (or by timer) it switches over to generating it’s own ad-hoc network (with a known IP address and a bonjour broadcasted hostname i.e. backupbox.local). From there, any wifi device can connect (presumably using a password)

It would be great if LBB could wrap this functionality in.

Hi Scott,

Sorry for my belated reply: I’ve been traveling. Thanks for the suggestion! I like the resulting functionality, but the setup procedure is not particularly straightforward. And implementing this functionality would add another layer of complexity. I’d like Little Backup Box to be as stable as possible, even if it means saying no to some rather clever features.

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I’ve implemented an earlier version of your scrip on a Pi 4 with Raspbian Stretch. Worked pretty well; going to implement your current version soon as I can fit it into my holiday-encumbered schedule…

Question: how does it handle an Ethernet connection?

I never really tested Little Backup Box with an Ethernet connection, but I can’t see any reasons why this wouldn’t work.

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Does this work with LBB?