Autumn effect for portrait in greens in Darktable

(Sergei Rybalko) #1

Hello friends,

I have made a new style for Darktable in frame of artistic color grading.

This time it is “Autumn effect for portrait (skin tones) in greens”

Inspired by

Photo Credits

I have applied two channel mixers in different modes and color zone module for final touch on colors.

Darktable style attached
Autumn_from-Green_Portrait.dtstyle (1.5 KB)


How to "swap" colors in darktable?
How to achieve this in Darktable?
(Alex Mozheiko) #2

Thanks Sergei! As far as I understand, the method kills greens and turns them into red -ish and yellow-ish tones. Firstly instance blends in lights and, the second amplifies the effect, right?

and look how nicely it gently renders skin-tone!

(Flössie) #3

Wow, really nice. Could anybody make a HaldCLUT of it, so I can try it in RawTherapee?

(Sergei Rybalko) #4

I found by experimenting that second channel mixer make skin tone more pleasant.

(Morgan Hardwood) #5

@Benja1972 (or anyone) could you apply that preset to this HaldCLUT identity TIFF, save the result as a 16-bit TIFF and upload it back again?

(Sergei Rybalko) #6

Aha! Now I see what you all mean
download (7.1MB)

(Sebastien Guyader) #7

Here’s an attempt to get a similar effect in Rawtherapee:

The pp3: autumn_greens.pp3 (10.1 KB)

(Sergei Rybalko) #8

Close! Nice!

Still reds of T-shirt and lips less saturated in Darktable (that’s why I add second channel mixer and adjust colors in color zone)
Moreover you have some greenish halos where hand cross grass

(Sebastien Guyader) #9

Yeah there are some problems, though I prefer how the skin is rendered with less purple hue shift in the darker tones.

(Morgan Hardwood) #10

Yay, the HaldCLUT renders it identically in RawTherapee as the dtstyle does in darktable, including that nice desaturated highlight on the face, though I now see that the original style leaves some room for improvement - the sclera have a strong magenta tint.


(Sergei Rybalko) #11

Very nice! I think the the sclera magenta tint is inherited from original where it has greenish-blue reflex.

(Sergei Rybalko) #12

Two cold-blue variation of the same image. Styles are attached. i found them quite interesting for artistic color grading.

Cold-from-Greens-portrait01.dtstyle (957 Bytes)
Cold-from-Greens-portrait02.dtstyle (646 Bytes)