AVIF support in Darktable on Debian?

Darktable on Debian Sid seems to not have an option to export files as AVIF. Am I missing anything?

I see that the package doesn’t depend on libavif*.

Darktable 4.2.0-2+b1

That’s probably because package maintainer didn’t build it with libavif support. If you want it, you should ask to Debian package maintainer. You could also try darktable package from OBS repository (see install page on darktable.org). I’m not sure but it should have AVIF support.

it also might be that the old debian doesnt have libavif yet.

I’m running Debian unstable, so should be pretty up-to-date. libavif15 exists in the repo, and installed on my machine (a dependency for a different package, so Debian has no qualms about depending on it).
i’ll try asking the Debian maintainer.
Update: Opened a bug report at #1032054 - darktable: AVIF support is missing in Darktable - Debian Bug report logs

Yep, it’s been available for a while, no reason why it couldn’t be enabled: libavif package versions - Repology IIRC aom was maybe missing before so one couldn’t encode anything l, but that should be ok now too: aom package versions - Repology

AVIF support is now enabled in the Debian package.

It seems like darktable omits the EXIF metadata from the export AVIF files. Both digikam and exiftool fail to detect any metadata in the exported images.

See the release notes for 4.2.1 - you need to purposely select all metadata boxes in export preferences in order to get AVIF/EXR/JPEG XL/ XCF metadata embedded. This was changed to “opt in” for privacy reasons, as there is no fine-grained control like for other formats…

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