Awesome artifacts: phone panos

Taking a panorama shot with a phone can be easy and fun using your mobile cameras’s Pano mode. Here are some of the happy accidents that sometimes result due to movement during the scene capture.


I can see this becoming a new fad, with perhaps Instagram filters to generate them artificially from still pictures.


this makes me think of slitscan photography actually (it IS actually slitscan with very wide bands :wink: )

It’s similar to the technique of making burst shots and stitching them afterwards.


Beautiful burst-stitch. What software did you use? I wonder if this can be done in-phone

Thanks. I used the Microsoft ICE panorama stitcher. To get a little control where the motorbiker is visible I cropped the single images.
As I saw in screenshots, hugin could be more capable for such specialised tasks. But I didn’t take the time yet to learn working with hugin.
Don’t know if there’s a panorama stitcher app for smartphones, never searched for that.