B/W abstract grass

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #1


This is a recent shot of some small grass plant. I liked the geometrical regularity and the texture of the leaves, a good starting point for a B/W edit. Unfortunately, the central part is not perfectly in focus… I was shooting hand-held and I could not close the diaphragm too much in order to keep the shutter speed at a comfortable level.

What do you think?

(Mica) #2

I would’ve gotten a little farther away to include a few more in the frame. You are right about the geometry and repitition, they’re quite lovely. I might also brighten the mid tones just a touch.


Wait: where is the grass? :confused: What is the name of this “small grass plant”?

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #4

Me too, but the group of plants was not bigger than what you see, and I could not find another one which was regular and bigger…

I’ll try to work a bit on the mid-tones, and post the result.

Thanks for looking!

(Thomas) #5

Lovely image! Why not sharpen the middle region a bit?