B&W Pencil Filter giving strange result in Affinity Photo with G'mic 2.9.8

Hi, I am getting a strange result using the pencil filter in g’mic 2.9.8. All I get is an overall green image as can be seen in these images. The previous version 2.9.7 worked fine. Has anyone else seen this & does it happen with Photoshop? Thanks, Geoff

@geoffoote Welcome to the forum! The plugin works as expected in GIMP. Let’s ping @PDN_GMIC for more insight into the matter as he is responsible for the 8bf compatible version.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I don’t have photoshop but I tried it in Photoshop Elements with the same result as with Affinity. Hopefully @PDN_GMIC will be able to sort this out.


I rewrote the G’MIC-Qt output image code and missed the Grayscale output to RGB image case during testing.
Working on a fix.

Fixed in version

Thanks for responding & getting a fix so quickly. Filter works perfectly in both the stable & latest beta versions of Affinity Photo!! :smiley: