Backyard abstractions

It’s been a long, hot summer here and it’s not over yet – still a few days forecast to top out at or above 90F / 31C. But it’s sllooowwwllyyy ramping down. As a result all the flora is pretty much parched and crispy so there’s been no reason to get out and shoot landscapes. I guess I’ve been watching too much Alex Kilbee on YouTube, but I decided to shoot stuff I could find in my backyard. Just to be shooting.

These are some results and most if not all are fairly abstracted. Actually a couple turned out OK-ish, but many of them are severe crops and / or need to be re-shot better. That last bit (re-shot) is probably giving Alex a twitch… :slight_smile: Fifteen+ years ago I shot more non-landscapes, but these are a little off the beaten path for me now.

All were taken with my Canon T8i / 850D, Canon EF 70-200mm F/4L and processed in ART and Affinity Photo.

I was kind of going for an older / film / cross-processed look:

I like this one a little more:

Kinda like the way this turned out, too:

A really severe crop:


I really like the birdhouse and the one with the tan boards and the curvy shadow pattern.


The birdhouse is one I made from scrap several years ago. It usually hosts a mating pair of Eastern Bluebirds in the spring. The curly-que pattern is the shadow of a couple of plastic hanging plant holders against my old storage building.

Don’t ask me why, but the first image makes me think of @Ofnuts’s avatar.

OK… I won’t ask. :smiley:

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Ah, but is there a family portrait?


Love that!

First one is great! Texture, line, shape. Very well handled. Love the crop.

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It’s kinda funny … at first I thought, “there’s nothing to shoot in my yard” but the more I shoot the more I found. Of course I’m sure that’s not limitless, but while it lasts…!

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I have a similar set of photos where the constraint is the camera has to be in the backyard… Sort of cheating when using the 100-400mm but :smile:

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These were all shot with my 70-200, usually at 200. But they’re all inside the yard.


At the entrance to the house, (almost the backyard)
Samsung Galaxy A13