Base curve control for seamless tone mapping

Hi Alberto,

I am checking your new tone mapping curve from commit 0724…

Both smooth highlight rolloff and smooth S-shaped have similar effect on highlight. Was this your intention ? Wouldn’t it be useful to introduce this notion into the tooltip title ?

I asked myself this question while thinking about the french translation.

Both curves are identical in the highlights, and they (are supposed to) provide a nice and smooth rolloff towards the selected white point, with no harsh clipping. The s-curve also darkens the shadows a bit, for an overall (slight) contrast increase, whereas the other one leaves shadows and midtones untouched.


Tanks Alberto for the these information, this corresponds well to the visual impression. I’m going to think about the translation of smooth, I don’t know if the term “lissage” is the most appropriate in this case, perhaps “soft” ?

I’d say some equivalent of gentle could do…

“Douce ou doux” peut-ëtre ?

I think it’s the best compromise

Or perhaps “graduel” ?

Merci Sebastien, pour l’instant j’ai transmis “douce” je rouve que cela correspond le mieux à l’effet visuel des algorythmes.

Hello @Serge_Moreau,

I’m using more and more AI tools (IA en français) like Bard (Google) and chatGTP (OpenAI) to ask for some appropriate translations for certain technical terms in ART and RawTherapee. This works quite - and sometimes very - well to have at least some suggestions.

So I entered the following question in Bard this morning :

“Comment traduire “smooth highlight rolloff” ?”

Réponse :

La traduction française de “smooth highlight rolloff” est “transition douce des hautes lumières”.
Ce terme anglais désigne un paramètre qui permet de contrôler la manière dont les hautes lumières d’une image se dégradent vers le blanc. Une transition douce des hautes lumières signifie que les transitions entre les zones claires et les zones plus sombres sont plus floues et graduelles, ce qui donne à l’image un aspect plus naturel et moins dur.
Voici quelques autres termes français qui pourraient être utilisés pour décrire la même chose :

  • Atténuation progressive des hautes lumières
  • Érosion douce des hautes lumières
  • Transition graduelle vers les hautes lumières

Le choix du terme le plus approprié dépendra du contexte et de l’effet que vous souhaitez obtenir.

Thanks a lot Paul, I am far from being an expert in the use of AI.
Atténuation progressive des hautes lumières seems to be a good suggestion.

Yes, “progressive” or “gradual” better reflects the idea of smooth transition than “douce” for a curve. For example in French “pente douce” is a gentle, but continuous slope or straight line.

Me neither. But all you need to do is to create an account with one of those AI services and you can start asking your questions.

Btw, I fed part of the default language file of ART to Bard and asked it to translate everything after the ; in each line in Dutch. The result was partly okay (for short terms like Exposure), partly bad (completely off) and partly mediocre (especially with longer tooltips). So it’s not a magic machine, but a tool that can help now and then.