Base support for Nikon Z fc - color matrix not found


Apologies if this is a silly question, I am still very much a beginner when it comes to darktable and photo editing in general.

The latest darktable update mentions base support for Nikon Z fc, but when I attempt to open a RAW file shot using said camera it states that the Nikon Z fc color matrix was not found and the color balance in the picture is off. Is this something I can fix on my end or is this still an issue related to the camera not fully being supported?

I can confirm your problem on 3.6.1. If you don’t mind using a dev-build, you could use the latest 3.7. This works for me.

Support for this specific camera is planned for stable 3.8:

It is also not yet on darktable’s current supported cameras list.

There’s one other issue, one which the darktable team has no control over: This camera is not yet in the lensfun database (and there’s no PR or Issue about it either).

As mentioned by @apostel338: (Partial) support is available in the 3.7 development build.

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Isn’t it essentially the same as a Z50? So Z50 parameters should be OK?

Yes, just about the same. At least the relevant parts seem to be:

First of all thanks to everyone for the many responses!

Is there a way that I can manually enable the Z50 parameters and would this potentially be a good solution?

If not, I will try to install and use the dev-build and see if that works for me as well.

It is pending for lensfun as well… Though it is easy to add manually, those are just XML text files…

There is a new dev build posted every Sunday if you are on WIndows… darktable windows insider program 10/3

@MStraeten also posts updates for Windows and Mac builds

That one seems to be Z6 and Z7 specific. The rest of the Z family and their newer, mark II versions are lacking behind.

Not sure how they work at lensfun, there’s a 7 month old request to add the Z 6ii, which hasn’t been dealt with yet.

True, but if you auto update it will be overwritten each time. I have the same issue with my Z6ii. I’ve scripted the manual update so it can run after a changed/updated lensfun db.

The project really needs new blood. Even if just to evaluate and merge in new lenses and cameras.

Looks like the latest dev build does not give the error anymore, but the picture still appears a lot more grey than it’s supposed to look. If I’m not mistaken it seems like it isn’t applying the appropriate basecurve (correctly).
I’m currently looking into the post about basecurves and will try to measure and apply it myself with that code.

To get Lensfun support, add the marked code into your mil-nikon.xml file
Skärmbild från 2021-10-06 12-39-32

Have you considered using scene-referred workflow, which doesn’t use base-curves at all? As far as I know, it’s the new default and the future of DT. You might have to get used to it, but pretty much every current and upcoming resource and tutorial will refer to it.