Basic Editing Videos with Darktable

I’ve created a YouTube channel where I show how I edit my pictures. It’s a basic processing but I think that it can be helpful for beginners.

This is the second one:

Any feedback is very welcome


To me it looks good and easy to follow. I prefer people talk, but not everybody likes to talk, that’s fine. Very clear and the right length.

I like the red writing, that shows why you do what. One suggestion, keep the writing inside the image, can be a little harder to read it over the histogram.

One could argue about the ‘basic’, but I think it’s about the right amount of editing.

One point, nowadays darktable has more and more settings set in the preference, hidden from view. Might be good to add that information - and for the published ones put in under the ‘read more’.

Thanks a lot. I keep in mind your suggestions for the next one.
Specially for the preference settings that I have applied. :+1:

Yesterday I published the 4th video of the channel.

I will change the type of picture for the next video (portrait, animal… Let’s see)


7th video. With Color Calibration module used as Channel Mixer.
Done with Darktable 3.5 (master)

…and I keep learning …and sharing

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My 9th youtube video showing a edition based in increasing the contrast with the exposure module and multiply blending mode. I have taken this method from the article written by @aurelienpierre
It’s simple and with good results


I’ve created a new video.
Don’t kill me because of the background noise :wink:
I will do better in the next one :rofl:

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Maybe you should adapt the thread title. 3.4 long gone … :wink:

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