Batch Canvas Processing

I am uploading thousands or product images and need to add canvas with specific px to them. Is there any way to do batch processing for these instead of applying the canvas individually?

Other than writing your own script/plugin and batch procedure, Gimp has a batch plugin BIMP that works with images on disk see: BIMP. Batch Image Manipulation Plugin for GIMP. | Alessandro Francesconi

Depending on your requirements and the product images, it might be possible if kept simple. You are a bit vague as to your requirements.

This example:

Resize the image canvas to a standard size
Plant a pre-made logo on top of the image.

Otherwise you might be better off with say ImageMagick command line program and a batch (or bash) file.

Dear Sir,

Apologies for being vague in my response. Allow me to illustrate in details:-

  1. Draft 1 and 2 - These are the 2 photos I received from suppliers.
  2. Using batch processing, I am able to resize both photos in a single operation per attached.
  3. My ultimate goal is to add a canvas to both photos per attached labelled as Draft 1 (Canvas) and Draft 2 (Canas). However, as of now, I have to do it singly. Is there any way for batch processing like how I did for resizing in (2)?

Sorry, but a language problem for me. What exactly do you mean by canvas ?

You have already resized the photos to 1500x1500 pix One is centered with padding and the other is padded right and bottom. That is ok, if that is your intention. Using BIMP it is either one or the other.

If it is just the file name you want changing, as
filename.jpg → filename (canvas) 1500x1500.jpeg
then while BIMP can do this there are other more efficient tools depending on operating system (OS)

Which OS ? linux / Windows / MacOS

edit: looking at the images posted, some mention of RawTherapee and Gimp 2.10.32 - what are original file formats ? and how are you initially batch scaling ?


I am referring to the white border around the image. As you can see from draft 1 / 2 versus draft 1 / 2 (Canvas), the difference between these are the white borders around the image

ok, That is just padding the image, you can do that with BIMP but either centered (as with the package image) sorry not top left, you are better off with ImageMagick.


Sorry but I am a noob in technology.

How can i do this?

Yeah, Gimp / BIMP is not the tool for this.

Whatever you use there is a learning curve, ImageMagick (IM) has a very helpful forum ImageMagick/ImageMagick · Discussions · GitHub

IM is command line and using that depends on your OS. Tell them what you are using. I use linux

As examples, this using the IM mogrify command which modifies a folder full of images in place (very dangerous, work with copies)

magick mogrify -background black -extent 1500x1500 *.jpeg

plants the image in the top-left corner

magick mogrify -background black -gravity center -extent 1500x1500 *.jpeg

adds a border all around for the 1500x1500 size

Just example(s), use -background white for white.