Batch color correction among lenses

I sometimes use some old lenses adapted to my Panasonic GX7.
A few days ago I used a Nikkor 50mm: it works very well but colors are rather different and this is sometimes annoying. If I load in RawTherapee 5.6 two images, one shot with the Nikkor and another shot with a Panasonic lens, I can change the white balance of the Nikkor one (temperature and tint) to match the two images.

Is there a way to automate this change with a single command, so that I can easily match colors among images taken with different lenses?

Thanks in advance.

Fulvio Senore

Hi Fulvio,
you might create a profile that only applies colour correction to your images.
Or use dynamic profiles, but then you will have to use exiftool to insert the lens data into your RAW files.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Is it possible to specify a relative correction for the white balance (for example -500K)?

Since photographs can be taken with different color temperatures I think that I need a way, for example, to lower the color temperature by a fixed amount.

If a profile can only specify an absolute value for the color temperature then it is not very useful to solve my problem.

That’s possible in batch edit mode. First you have to set the mode for whitebalance like this:

Then in filebrowser select the files you want to add the values, go to batch edit tab and enter -500 for temperature


Big hairy but! The temperature response is not linear, so always subtracting 300°K will have negligible effect at temperatures around 10000°K and huge effect at 2800°K.

If I was in that situation, I would create a custom DCP input profile for that lens. But that’s just me.

Thank you for your help, I did’n know that it could be done.

Thank you for the info, but I plan to shoot in daylight conditions, so color temperature will not change very much from shot to shot.

I tried. I photographed a colorchecker with that lens and I created a DCP profile with the X-Rite software, but the profile did not change the white balance so the difference was minimal. Is there a way to change the color balance in a DCP profile?

I hear not, probably for the way DCPs handle white balance with dual-illuminant primaries. I have corrected white balance with an ICC profile, built with Argyll tools, from an uncorrected TIFF. In raw processing, the conversion takes place when the post-demosaic RGB image is converted from camera space (this ICC profile) to the working profile. In the comparisons I made between it and ‘regular’ mulitplier-based WB correction, the profile-corrected ones seemed to hold on to more color saturation.

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