Batch edit replacement ?

Hi all,
Thank a lot for this RT/fork, many great improvments!

This post is created to highlight an example of the consequence to no longer have the Batch edit tab. Any workaround or advice is welcome.


  • I use Tamron and Irix lens which are not automatically recognized by “RT” (lensfun) most of the time
  • “select all” + apply manual lens correction command does not work correctly in editor mode (only the current displayed thumb get the modif)
    Work around:
    In the File browser, I select the relevant photos and applies the lens change using the batch mode
    In ART, Batch edit has been removed and the application of a lens modif (or whatever else setting) in the editor mode is not working either. Of course I can apply it individually at the time I apply correction but it’s a loss of productivity (I am used to work concurrently with 2 DSLR mounted with different lens)

What do I miss? Thanks for your help

You can apply the correction to one photo then copy and paste the settings to all the other photos as a workaround if that helps

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To add to @spidermonkey answer, you can make a custom profile with only lens correction, then select all images and use processing profiles operations/apply partial and select your profile.

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(Partial) profiles are a powerful tool, that’s the first attempt i’d try in this case.

Or edit a single image, copy the profile, go to the browser and select the targets, right click and choose “Processing profile operations” and then “Paste”.

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Having 500 photos back from a shooting with a mix of 2x DSLR with 2 different lens. Based on your inputs, I created a correction profile for each used combination, then filter the first serie, go to edit, select all and apply the relevent stored profile then doing it a second time for the other combination. A bit longer but no big deal, thank you all for these suggestion of alternates ways to proceed.