Batch Processing file management - Digikam and RawTherapee

This is all happening on Kubuntu 18.04

I shot a bunch of pictures and then reviewed them in digikam. I use the Red/Green/Yellow flags to cull out the duds. So now I have about 100 red flagged pictures that I will not use, and 50 green flagged pictures that I will batch process in RT.

Is there anyway I can use Digikam’s filters and have them make sense to RT, so that when I batch process in RT, I will only see the Digikam’s green flagged pictures?

I have not horsed around a whole lot with RT filters, but from the little experimenting that I did do, I don’t think RT sees the star ratings or flag ratings that I assign in Digikam.

Why do I not use RT in the first place? Because it takes too long to load files. In digikam, I can very quickly flip through images because it’s only loading the embedded JPG and not the whole raw file.

DigiKam and RT use different sidecar files, so, without scripting something, no, they won’t share metadata.

You can’t write metadata in RAW itself so if programs use different sidecars there is no way to share data. You will have better compability with digikam if you use darktable but I don’t think that was designed that way so one day it can go away too