Batch Processing of Stacked Images...?

Hello SiriL Experts ,
I’m experimenting with “Stiching” Images together after Processing but I need to be able to perform the identical steps to each Image . I can easily Calibrate and Stack the Light Frames the same but I don’t know how I can process several finished Stacked Images in SiriL . Can you help please ?

Hi, I think you will need a specialised software for this. Even if you stretch the histogram the same way in all images, you’ll have some level discrepancies along the stitching pixels.
Anyway, some of the processing operations cannot be done automatically yet: cropping and colour calibration at least, deconvolution can be done using the rl command, histogram can be done using the mtf command but will probably require different parameters.

Thanks Vincent . I’ve seen Videos with people Stitching photos or creating Mosaics but they never seem to discuss , in depth , the prep work to do this “right” . Seems there’s more work than mentioned .
Cheers ,

I think specialised software do it automatically, but you still need to provide them processed images that look alike. The stitching is probably done by a gradient scaling of images to get them at the same level in their corners and blending them on a few pixels width.