Batch re-name in my file name style

I have an existing way of naming my image files that starts with the date then the original camera file number and I can’t see any way to get rawtherapee to do that for batches of files after an initial review and cull. Or, more likely, I just don’t understand the % etc. file naming system!

Hmm, perhaps the % system in RT isn’t working as it should. Just use another tool to batch rename your photos, eg. gThumb on Linux or IrfanView on Windows.

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If you’re trying to use RawTherapee to batch rename your files, RawTherapee doesn’t have such a feature.

If you’re using the queue to batch process images and want to set the file names of the outputs, RawPedia has documentation on how to do that here. We can provide better assistance if you give us more details on what you want to achieve and what you have tried.

Lawrence, I think @FraMO wants to batch rename his files this way: date_filename, so something like 26-12-2023_DSC_1000.RAW.

RT has no option in the queue, as far as I can see, to do the date part. Other programs can. So use those to rename instead of RT. After all, RT is a raw processor, not a date processor! :wink:

ART has this option in its File Browser. Maybe RT could borrow it at some point :wink: