Batch Remove Text from Manga

I want to batch remove text from speech bubbles for a bunch of manga pages at once using GIMP. How do I do that?

Someone said to lasso select all the bubbles, using Shift to accumulate all the selections, and then hit Delete, but I don’t know how. Can someone show me using these images for an example?

You have already asked this one in many different communities, and you’ve got the same answer.

That’s not going to happen in GIMP “at once” with those images.

Unless you find an OCR based software detecting Japanese characters which can replace them with white color, it will be all by hand → Take a white brush and paint white on the Japanese writing, bubble by bubble…

Or find a “speaking” Japanese AI to remove it…

But what about this?

This is really Gimp’s basics.

  1. Try to understand how lasso select works using any random image.
  2. Discover that when you depress the shift key with a selection tool, this adds the selection you are creating to the existing selection (instead of deleting it)
  3. One you are familiar with this process, open your manga image, make a selection in the first bubble , then add a selection from a second bubble, etc…

Also, this could help: Painless use of selection tools

comics normally have the lettering applied separately, it’ll all be digital nowadays but they used to make a separate acetate for the speech bubbles and scan/photograph it on top of the artwork, I’d imagine the commercially translated stuff has the lettering/speech bubble layer done again from scratch