Batching changes to a single parameter

Is there a way for set a change on a whole directory?

I have 250+ images in a directory that I want to apply 2 operations to every single image (it’s for testing and proofing):

  1. disable the resize in the transform tab
  2. add +5 to the lightness < lab adjustments < color tab

Then export them all to an export directory.

Right now, I’m doing it one image at the time and it’s painful :cry:

Edit one the way you want then save a profile and use that and apply it a partial profile to the remaining images…select the two steps you want…

Depends on the level of granularity that you need. If it’s at the level of single tools, then there’s no need to save a profile. You can just copy it from the 1st image, then select all and “paste partial”. If you want to operate at the level of single sliders, there’s no gui for that, but it can still be done: you can save the partial profile (only the tools that matter), then edit it with a text editor to remove the settings that you want to leave unaffected, and then apply it.


Thank you very much.

I knew that there must be a way to save my last few hairs from falling off…


Does ART provide a CLI like RT does? This is the perfect situation for it.

Don’t know. That’s one of the downside art, Alberto is not into writing documentation. My understanding is that Alberto is a one-man-band.

Amazing what he did! Thanks Alberto.

Yes, there’s a ART-cli that works exactly like the one in rawtherapee. That’s indeed another way to do that.

That’s certainly true, writing docs is no fun for me, sorry. (That said, I try to reply to questions in the forum)

  1. I didn’t know about the art-cli
  2. Thanks. :grin: