Beginners question: can RT isolate colors?

I am coming from darktable, where this can be easily done, but can RawTherapee isolate colors like explained for GIMP on this page:

Correct me if wrong, I believe RT can’t do that, right?

It can be done approximately with several ellipses of:
Branch: newlocallab


In my opinion, this is not the vocation of RT and for example, go ask Aurélien Pierre* if Darktable uses several RAW engines like RT ? (~12!)

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In my use of RT I sometimes use HSV tool which has a control that allows you for every frequency (ie. exact color) to alter HSV values. It’s not local, meaning it’s not a region masking tool but global, but I have been able to make Yellow flowers B&W, etc. but will work for any specific color. You can select any and multiple ranges. Anytime you see this control, it’s very powerful actually. There are ways to map colors too.


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HSV tool [/quote]

So I can filter out one color (or better, let one color through), but only for the whole image. Or in practical terms, I can’t do a single red rose in a bunch of red roses.

(it was just a rhetorical question, I use darktable for that effect und was only curious)

With RT.57.NewLocalLab with 2 ellipses:


With only 2 RT-spot


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