Best GIMP install for Ps look alike?

I’ve been trying to level up my GIMP skills but I keep running into the python issue. Also, I am too old of a dog for new tricks so I need something that looks like and runs like Photoshop. Forgive me. I am trying to get a bunch of camera club members off of Adobe so something like this would really help.
I tried the PhotoGIMP appimage but no python support so no resynthesizer. Is there a perfect Photoshop clone appimage available? Something even close? I’m on Mint 20 but others will be Win 10 or Mac.

Personally, I think you should just give them vanilla GIMP (latest iteration). Why dress it up when it can stand on its own?

Vanilla GIMP is missing some of the Ps functionality so that won’t work. They want to be able to switch with a minimal learning curve and be able to continue to learn and work on the same interface.

Not really. You can switch all the hotkeys and that should help.

What helped me back when I was learning was that I was taught the concepts of photo editing, rather than than the specific implementation of Photoshop. Yeah we worked in Photoshop, but concept first.

One of the best alternatives to Photoshop is Affinity Photo, but it is only Mac and Windows. Much cheaper, has most of the functionality: . That helps everyone out but you. you could try to run that in Wine or a VM.

For open source alternatives, try:

What’s the goal exactly??? Pixel editing (ie photoshop replacement), or image editing (more global adjustment of images than pushing pixels)?

If you are after image editing cross platform:

I may have missed others

I still think it would be better for them to get over the initial hump and accept that they are using another app. Every app is different no matter how powerful. The earlier one accepts this the sooner the real learning and creativity begins.

That said, certain builds have extras. For a while I used Partha’s. He isn’t active but he is a member. If there is anything “missing” from his package, ping him to see if he is willing to add it. There are other packagers and builds out there.

The goal for me is to be able to use GIMP along side Ps users and hopefully switch a few people away from Adobe. I found Bernard 't Hooft’s class on Udemy and it’s been helpful. I guess I have to run it in a Windows VM to get resynthesizer and other Python plug ins.

I’ll look for his builds, thanks. It looks like @Carmelo_DrRaw has some appimages to look at as well.

Why do you care if few others will want to switch away? Sometimes, they do have their reasons to stick with Adobe or other alternatives. I didn’t switch to GIMP as I didn’t like it and I have tried, and my new goal is to add features to Krita such as foreground extraction+lch blending modes and then stick with Krita for the rest of my life.

Some of them have said they want to get away from Adobe but can’t find a suitable Ps replacement. They know I’ve played with GIMP a little and asked me if I could help them switch.

I don’t think anything will ever be 100% the same as PS. Giving them something that slightly similar is probably more confusing.

Even if they went to Affinity or krita or anything else, they’d still have to learn new things.

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They’re likely beginners. Once you understand other softwares, and pick up on them, it can be easy to adapt. I personally figured out how to use 7 different 3D apps that can be used to make things effectively (Rhino, Blender, Autocad, Solidworks, Inventor, and Maya).

It’s probably also harder to follow GIMP videos or online tutorials.

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This is a very common problem, when switching from a proprietary software to FOSS. It will nearly never work, when users only want a replacement. It will end with: “Software xy is bad/not good because it can not exactly do what my old software did”.
Only when users are really willing to learn new things, they can switch to an alternative.

It can be more than just new things. Sometimes, they actually prefer the convenience of x workflow. NDE is at times a lot faster than doing manual operation.