Best platform to present photos

Hi. I am looking for your opinion to where I should present my photos for a larger audience (if there is one). At the moment I am just showing my pictures on my website but that is probably not going to present it to a larger audience. which is best for this purpose at the moment?
Looking forward to seeing your proposals.

If you want to keep it free and open, Pixelfed/Mastodon.


You upload your photos to an AI for training and then it gets represented in soooo soooo many pictures later on. That is probably your best way to get millions of eyes on it.


Peanut gallery aside (:joy:), I actually still use Flickr personally, but have been eyeing pixelfed/mastodon as proposed by @paperdigits. (First, I actually need to start taking photos again, but that’s a different story).

I suppose it depends on what type of engagement and views you want and how they matter to you?


Great idea :+1: :camera:.


Has apps for testing now

Though the iOS one is a bit nonfunctional

Focusing on the title of your post. The best platform to present a photograph is a printed version. Yes I know that is old fashioned and some new photographers might not know what a printed photograph is.


Maybe a foolish question: nobody will ever know how originally took the photo, right?

That depends … some of those image generation LLMs actually duplicated the signature of the artist that they ripped off.

I agree and I have a handful of quickly changeable frames in my appartment where I keep switching prints. However, the audience that sees this is very limited.

I will take a look at this platform. Self-hosting … I wonder what they mean with that.

Same here, but I’m finding it to be a somewhat empty experience. I post the odd photo, some strangers like them, rinse and repeat.

I kind of expect that to be a similar experience, other than that the strangers are pro-FOSS.

@DanielLikesDT What Pat said is good advice.

I am also one of the few that use Flickr still, and I have an Instagram account as well.
I’m only a hobbyist and really only have photos online to share with friends…just gotta find some friends now…


I get likes and some comments when I post things mastodon. I get more engagement on mastodon than I did anywhere else besides deviant art.


Any recommendations on good instances for photography?

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I don’t recommend self hosting Pixelfed/Mastodon if you want people to see your photos. If you self host those platforms, it will take longer to get followers.

As @FredRX (hi there :wave::blush:) already said I would also point to, as you will find a very nice and warm, welcoming atmosphere. may also be interesting. For AI work both are not to be recommended, just in case that would be important to you.

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Well, I have clustered my potential audience into 3 groups and serve them with the following material:

a) family etc - printed / framed pictures, calenders, download via self-hosted dropbox
b) friends, etc - download via self-hosted dropbox, website
c) everybody else who is interested - website, other platform (this is what I am discussing here)

I think photography should be shared for several reasons:

  • create pictures to recall memories
  • more joy (could not find a better word) for more people
  • better feedback to grow and develop

Well, there is one more reason: anxiety that my work is not received well or simply ignored. For some reason I am curious to see the reaction of a larger group of viewers to my images. It is not so much that I am greedy for recognition but more the simple interest to know if others also like what I am doing.

I hope this explains my engagement.

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Self-hosting means you run the service on your own server. If you use ‘dropbox’ as the name of the service offered at, you cannot self-host that, as far as I know.
If you use it to mean ‘dropbox-like storage/sharing facility’, it can certainly be done, but given your question above (Self-hosting … I wonder what they mean with that.), I think you are probably a bit confused about terminology, and are not self-hosting anything. Sorry if I’m mistaken.

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