Best Practice/s for Tagging & Sorting?

What are the best ways (and what are the best tools to use) to efficiently tag images as they are dumped from a group of photographers (Win and/or Mac + OSS and/or Non-OSS)?

Theoretically, here’s the flow:
2 or more (let’s say up to 10) shooters take their shots of an event
1 sorter with a laptop receives these shots as they come (wirelessly or via card transfers), tags these images, sorts the images according to tags, and picks the top images according to a pre-set criteria. The sorter then delivers the top 5% (just an arbitrary ratio) to the client.

As a follow-up, what happens when there’s more than 1 sorter? How do you manage the merging of the overall selection?

I’m curious on what you use and why you think it’s efficient and effective. Thanks!

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I’m interested but have no useful input. :slight_smile:

My system is somewhat prehistoric in comparison. :orangutan: