Best settings importing and processing of RAF files in Darktable


(Ruud Maas) #1

Hi all,
I use a Fujifilm XT-2. What are the best settings for importing the RAF files in Darktable?
What steps (order) is best advisable for processing RAF files in Darktable?
What format is best used for exporting to Gimp?
Awaiting advises.

(pphoto) #2

For exporting to Gimp I use a losless format in 16 bit, PNG or TIFF. Since I don’t have that camera I can’t help you on the other questions.


Avonds, Ruud,

Actually, no special precautions or settings are needed
for RAF files (all right, I have just an X-T1, but X-T2 is sufficiently similar).

A very basic workflow in dt could be

  • base curve [see note below]
  • tone curve
  • color zones
  • equalizer clarity preset
  • sharpening

Note: Since filmic has arrived, turn off base curve.

More settings info here:

Best settings dt -> The Gimp?
It depends on what plans you have for the photo.

  • Smallish image for the web? sRGB.
  • High quality image to be re-loaded into RT or dt? Use profile REC2020 and 32-bit TIF.

At least that is what I presently believe…

Claes in Lund, Zweden

(Ruud Maas) #4

Many thanks for the reactions. Yes i have now filmic, did use it but let de basecurve on.
Why do i have to turn the basecurve off when using Filmic?
I use GIMP for some filtres if needed but mainly for printing with Gutenprint. Highest Tiff is advisable? Where can i find that profile?

(pphoto) #5

Filmic is intended to replace the basecurve.

You can find the export settings in the lighttable screen, on the right side. There you can select TIFF export and its settings.


Hi again!

Base curve and filmic do not like each other :slight_smile:
See darktable 2.6 link I posted above.

Profile for printing? Adobe RGB at the most, sRGB is probably sufficient.
Easy to test. What printer do you have?

Claes in Lund, Zweden

(Ruud Maas) #7

Hi Claes,
In Gimp I use the sRGB standard of GIMP to convert the JPG (file from Darktable (sRGB colors) to GIMP sRGB (Colors). I do have a simple printer the Epson et-2650. Not for professional printing. That will happen oudoors. I have calibrated and profiled my monitor.
I found an untested driver in Gutenprint for the ET 2650. The prints are some bit darker than on screen. I adjust this a bit in the Gutenprint setup. The colors do look the same to my opinion. I do not have any profile for the Epson ET 2650 printer or printer paper because there is no profile for a cheap printer like the Epson ET-2650. Or does somebody shas a profile??


Yes, Gutenprint has a driver for your EcoTank,
and Gutenprint drivers are normally very good.

Printer profiles are another matter, they are very sensitive
to paper as well as ink.

Are you printing on good paper or on bad paper? The gadget you
used to calib/profile your monitor – could it be used to make a
printer profile as well?

In case you have not seen this:

Claes in Lund, Zweden

(Ruud Maas) #9

Hi Claes,
I use some obscure cheap paper (its made in the P.R.C.). The carton states Linen Photo Paper (10 pcs). Its real thick paper (180 grams). I use in GIMP Gutenprint the following settings. Heavy matte paper. Standard ink, " photo" and a do a correction setting of “brightness” 1.200 and “contrast” 1.100. The rest a do not change.
The gadget I used for calibrating en profiling is the Spider5Pro. to my beleave this is not suited for calibrating and profiling printing paper. I will read yours about processing.