Best way to selectively change a color throughout the image?


I’m a bit confused as to the best way to selectively change one color.

For example, let’s say I want to increase the saturation of the sky.

One way is by using the Saturation slider in the HSV Equalizer.
This is the way I’ve done it in the past.

But I recently discovered that this can also be achieved by using the local adjustment tool, as shown here:

Using both tools, I achieve a very similar result, but I’m sure there are differences.

Can someone please help?


The simple answer: The HSV equalizer doesn’t (can’t) use masking and the tools in the Local Adjustment tab can all be masked and can have multiple instances.

My personal experience has thought me that the HSV equalizer is somewhat blunt compared to the Local Adjustment or the L*a*b Adjustments HH equalizer.

BTW: Besides the 3 that have already come up you can also use Colour Toning → Colour corrections regions (with or without masking) to do this.