Better to include poor frames or remove them?

Like many people my observing site is not ideal. I notice over the course of an evening that the quality / contrast in a run of say 50 images improves quite noticeably as the evening wears on, due I suppose to various sources of light pollution being turned off. My images are from a Full Spectrum Canon SLR and an Orion ED80 refractor.
My question is: should I include the lower quality images and expect that Siril will figure it out, or should I remove the obviously lower quality images?

Hello, if you don’t ask siril to do it, it will not. But it’s easy to ask images to be excluded based on FWHM or background level for example, as a stacking or registration option or from the plots. See these documentation pages:

Thank you I had assumed this was the case - I am a little lazy and mostly use the default OSC_Preprossing script, I will investigate further!