Better way of inserting not-too-obvious version on Ubuntu 22.04 default background?

What I’ve done up to now to add the version, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, doesn’t seem that good to me, it somehow has a different feel than the rest of the image, like a intern was asked by a manager to add it on an image from a senior graphic designer; see

Do you have tips or could you work on
warty-final-ubuntu-version.xcf (6.9 MB)
a bit?


I’m wondering if you could make the text look like it’s punched into the main image - but I’m not good enough with GIMP to do it. Thinking same colouring, i.e. the gradient, and just shadow basically. I guess a 3d rendering is more what I’m thinking.

Can one of the graphic editors you’re comfortable with export to the GIMP file format?

Errr… no… I know GIMP better than any other as it is! :laughing: Trouble is I’ve never really got into graphics at all. Just photography. I’ll see if I can at least do enough to show what I mean. It’ll be later today though.

I’ve run out of time unfortunately… I was thinking text in a bit this style, only with the main front colour matching the background.

This image is from here - How to Create 3D Text Using GIMP #Part 1 – Better Tech Tips
Sorry if this is a wild goose chase!

What I see:

  • Way too close to the edge.
  • The whole image has a flat design, so the bumpy text doesn’t match.

My own take would be something like this:

Not visible in screenshot

  • The gray layer (#808080) is at opacity 33%.
  • Jammy Jellyfish opacity is also reduced a bit because due to its position is looks a bit brighter than Ubuntu.
  • Font is of course Ubuntu Bold
  • Text acts as cookie cutter on the gray layer due to Composite Mode: clip to background on the Gray layer, and effect is limited by layer group (so the bottom layer isn’t included in that “background`” scope. This allows to move the text around avec as shown.
  • Your location is as good as mine, I use bottom left because that didn’t interfere with yours.

In GIMP you can achieve this effect by using a bump map.

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Both preview and applying bumpmap of both (1) a text layer and (2) its raster version doesn’t seem to work. I’d like for the topmost layer of
warty-final-ubuntu-version.xcf (19.7 MB)
labeled “Ubuntu 22.04 LTS bottom-center #2” to have a debossed version.

@Ofnuts I followed your instructions with slight modifications and I love

Thanks :smile:

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Here’s what I did:

  1. Hide all the layers except warty-final-ubuntu.png
  2. In the layers panel, select warty-final-ubuntu.png
  3. Then go Filters → Map → Bump map
  4. Click on the square to the right of Aux input and select the version + name layer
  5. Adjust parameters to taste and click OK

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What I made, some with your help: Ubuntu 22.04 version on default background Feel free to leave a comment on the page if you have a blogger account; Google and other large sites accounts allow to login there.