Beyond Calibri (+What is your kind of FLOSS typography?)

Have been noticing MS inserting itself into our tech news cycle once in a while for the past several years. Most updates are unremarkable but get people going.

This time: Beyond Calibri: Finding Microsoft’s next default font. When MS Office first transitioned to Calibri, it took some getting used to. Anyway, typography enthusiasts :face_with_monocle:, apparently MS wants people to voice their opinions on their five candidates: what say you? Edit Unfortunately, there are no specimens or access to showcase them.

And what is your idea of good FLOSS typography? Be as pedantic as you wish!

The type sample graphics in that post are horrible, you barely get a sense of the typeface at all.

They seem more bland than horrible to me.

Unfortunately, there are no specimens or access to showcase them.

All five families are now available via the cloud across your favorite Microsoft 365 apps and experiences.

Is this April Fools’ day? The Microsoft page Cloud fonts in Office - Office Support says:

Cloud fonts are only available to Microsoft 365 subscribers.

I have no idea what Microsoft 365 is, but I don’t subscribe to it.

I have Office 365 through my institute, but haven’t been able to try these new fonts out.

As for FLOSS fonts, there is this and this

Edit: and this, I guess :crazy_face:

I meant specific typefaces or fonts (and adjustments).

Since we are talking about Calibri, what do you think is a good substitute for it, Arial, Helvetica, etc.?

For Times New Roman, etc.?

For academic papers, resumes or other reasons?

For print (laser vs ink)?