Big Bird from Shanghai

I’ve been travelling a fair but for work lately, so have not had the chance to participate in the forums much. Yesterday we had a long line up waiting to take-off at Tullamarine (MEL)bourne, Australia when this big bird (B777-300 ER) flew in from Shanghai. A hasty snap or two through a plexiglass aircraft window with a new (compromise for travel) lens I am yet to learn the limitations of. Though the spots and the haze detract, I like the impact of spoilers, flaps & slats, and reversers all deployed.
2023-09-16_12-41-02.43_DSC8897.nef (20.9 MB)

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2023-09-16_12-41-02.43_DSC8897.nef.xmp (13.2 KB)


Nice. I like airports from a photographic perspective, although I’ve never got much that I’m really happy with…
I applied a hefty dose of a diffuse or sharpen preset I created ages ago but use a lot - in this case bumped up to a lot more iterations than usual.

2023-09-16_12-41-02.43_DSC8897.nef.xmp (10.2 KB)

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2023-09-16_12-41-02.43_DSC8897.nef.xmp (10.5 KB)

Because this is a rather dull image (sorry!), I would usually ignore detail and settle for something more abstract i.e. the shape of the plane alone.

So base curve, tone curve, local contrast and a BW film noir-ish LUT and some grain, with a slight adjustment of exposure to finish off. (Darktable)


2023-09-16_12-41-02.43_DSC8897.nef.xmp (19.6 KB)


Gimp unsharp mask

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ART 1.20.2, Affinity Photo 2

2023-09-16_12-41-02.43_DSC8897.nef.arp (16.0 KB)

I figured since it’s already soft and seems to be all about motion (whether growing or arrested) I’d take a slightly more interpretive approach.

In addition to the usual chromaticity, tonal tweaks, etc. I added gradient-masked motion blur in ART using the Smoothing tool (which brought my laptop to its knees). Normally I would’ve added gradients, etc., in ART but I did that in AP instead since I used AP’s inpainting tool to clean up the dust spots rather than ART’s spot removal tool (which is rather slow on my laptop). Also, not something I’d normally do, but given the “condition” of the image I applied NR in both ART and AP. Each seemed to address slightly different types of noise, which worked out well.


I’ve spent half my life at airports & departure lounges… Taking photos usually gives me something to do and keeps me sane for when flights are delayed etc… I think I took over 200 while waiting just this afternoon on my way back home.

The difficulty is trying to avoid the hand-smudges and all the reflections in the multi-panes of glass when I don’t have access to my polarizer.

I’ve often thought of putting some of the airport shots up here to play. Maybe, I will in future.

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please do!

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Playing with RawTherapee and GIMP L-a-b

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