Big Sur compatibility?

I just downloaded the Mac version of rawtherapee. It seemed to download ok but I can’t open the program. I click on it but nothing happens. I’m wondering if the new OS Big Sur is the problem. I recently downloaded photoshop elements as a trial and I can’t import any images. Nothing happens. Can anyone give me an answer?

@lulu48 Welcome to the forum! We won’t be able to inform you on PSE because we focus on free open source software (FOSS). As for RT, we do have macOS users. I am sure they will help you once or if they upgrade to Big Sur, which is still quite fresh. Just wait a bit.

In the meantime, I will change the category to RT and add a macos tag for more visibility.

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Thanks! I really have no idea how to find my way through.

The Catalina FAQ applies equally to Big Sur. If you want to try a slightly more recent build that should run, see item 5. in the FAQ

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