Bird eye view panorama over Innoshima surrounding (south japan) with dramatic sky

This is a couple shots I snapped in 2014 with my dmc-g1 and stock lens. I processed these with the darktable version available at that time then stitched theses with hugin.
The highlights are not so clipped but the small sensor won’t allow to get too much clean details & colors out of the shadows.

I’m curious to see what you can get out of these. :slight_smile:

P1100257.RW2 (13.8 MB) P1100257.RW2.xmp (10.6 KB) P1100258.RW2 (13.8 MB) P1100258.RW2.xmp (9.8 KB)

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Was fun!

P1100257_01 - P1100258_01.tif.xmp (19.1 KB)


Photoflow + Hugin:

P1100257.pfi (24.3 KB) P1100258.pfi (24.3 KB)


Nice View!
To avoid part of the sky turn pink I had to apply -1 EV exposure compensation.
For stitching I used ICE by Microsoft which is free, but not Open Source.

P1100258_RT.jpg.out.pp3 (13.1 KB)

For some unknown reason it is impossible for me to upload P1100257_RT.jpg.out.pp3. Contents should be the same as P1100258_RT.jpg.out.pp3

Very nice panorama with an impressive cloud formation.

My first stitch. That was an interesting experience!

innoshima.tif.xmp (13.3 KB)
The xmp is from after the stitch. Final edits done with darktable 3.0.2

I do need to dive into hugin itself and the dt->hugin->dt workflow and get more familiar with both.

Thanks for sharing!

@Thomas_Do you really made the sky pop out even more and still giving the ground area some visibility … nice :slight_smile:
@paulmiller Rather realistic view I guess with eyes having so much more DR than a small CMOS, a little bit on the blue side maybe but a really readable and details image without any big noise issues, nice as well,

Thanks for your work :slight_smile:

@clind Love these photos, Darktable 3.01 -> 2 TIFF -> Assembled with Hugin -> Back to Darktable for final adjustments -> .JPG

Thank you for the opportunity to play with Hugin - a program I have hardly used. Afterwards, a few minor tweaks in GIMP. The result is not very good, but it has been a useful learning exercise.

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