Blossom swirl with DT/Gimp

Shot on a Pentax KP with a Lensbaby Burnside 35mm/f2.8 lens. Straight raw conversion with Darktable. Some levels and USM in Gimp. Nothing more and nothing fancy!


Hello Mike, what a funny bokeh gives that lens!
What I miss in your edit is the light of the spring. It’s a sunlit scene so in my eyes the image should be lighter. I hope I don’t offend you when I attach my edit here. I also added some more saturation. Processed in ART.

Groet, Paul.



Great correction Paul, thanks! Yep this lens does give a bit of headspin sometimes too much like in this one from the same session - it gives me a headache…

Ah, that’s terrible - or how to get crazy in the shortest amount of time! :wink:

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