Blown out xtrans raw files wanted

Will likely start work on a highlight reconstruction algorithm also for xtrans images. As I don’t have such a camera I am in need for good example with eithee

  1. Lots of small specular highlights
  2. Blown out large parts as in sky or clouds
  3. Blown out parts on dark background like sunset images
  4. Arteficial lights with different colors

Nothing promised yet


PM sent :slight_smile:

I’ll try to get some this weekend when I go on the usual photo walk. I think I can simulate 1-3 quite easily, 4 is out of my reach though.

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I’m on the road at the moment, and thought, “this is easy, I bet I shot loads of overexposed stuff”. Alas, it seems that I tried very hard to control my highlights, and anyways the weather was more on the overcast side so far.

Nevertheless, here are three pictures for you, from a long-ago blog post of mine. As such, you may use them as CC-BY-SA:

DSCF3861.RAF (21.9 MB)

DSCF6535.RAF (20.6 MB)

DSCF0034.RAF (15.0 MB)

(wow, uploads are slow on this mobile connection)

I bet this one from yesterday night is blown out a bit:

DSCF0610.RAF (18.0 MB)

(Also CC-BY-SA)

OK, enough food to digest right now!

If you need more, let me know. I have an X-T20.

This might be a useful one as well. I have some more from the same session, under different conditions but it seems like bastibe has got you covered for now. Let me know if more are needed eventually


For those of you who can compile dt master there is a testing PR for xtrans opposed inpainting.


Thanks for your work, I’ll compile and make some tests tomorrow.

inpainting + filmic

Here there’s some magenta artifacts in “busy areas”(dunno how to describe) like in the stairway on the water tower.




inpainting (color gave the same result, but it’s an easy image)


Could you share the water tower image? This is exactly a kind of image i don’t have yet.
(very thin dark structure in blown out sections)

Sure, here you go:
DSCF3908.RAF (25.8 MB)

Yes - that’s the kind of border issue that was expected. I think we can fix that. Otherwise the color correction seems to be ok,

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Yeah, color correction is looking pretty good and very natural looking