Blue processed file

Hi there,

I am unsure what’s going on here, it’s happened twice for me now on two different sessions.

I’ve got a ASI533MC and fits coming in. The fits viewer in Kstars is showing an accurate image (attached). I then process them through Siril to be stacked and I get a white screen for blue channel and my overall RGB is blue.

I don’t understand why this may happen or what I’m doing wrong in Siril, as I assume what I’m seeing in Fits viewer in Kstars shows a fine image?



Hello, we don’t see enough in the images you posted to know what happens. Could you share a raw FITS image?

Ah yes of course sorry

Your image (even if signal is weak) is totally normal.
You should read our tutorial about processing.
Here your picture before color calibration:

and after:

Thanks for looking into that for me. I went through the OSC processing scripts before and the stacked file was blue too. I might do a clean install to see if I’ve got something stuck!

Thanks again, glad to know it’s okay!

And this is normal.
Please take a look to our tutorials.

If you’re using Ekos/INDI or the native camera driver in general (not ASCOM) there are some strange default values for “WB_R” and “WB_B” in the SDK from ZWO. They default to 52 and 95 which is utter nonsense. Stretch a bias frame and you’ll clearly see the bayer pattern, which doesn’t make sense at all. Set “WB_R” and “WB_B” to 50 and everything is fine again.

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I agree, I have the same with the 294MC and the ZWO SDK, this is probably what you have too here.