BMP Support in dt 3.4.1 ad

In seeking to bring all my digital assets into darktable, I find I need support for .bmp files. I lack the ability to compile anything under Linux, (let alone Windows), but I did at least make the effort over about 12 years before I concluded that I exist in a different reality. So, lacking the ability to compile with GraphicsMagick, how do I get .bmp support? Or do I not, ever and so should look at converting .bmp to a supported file type instead ?

Ah, OK, I see this conversion is very easy to do, eliminating the need to acquire compilation skills. I had forgotten that I produced these .bmps almost 40 years ago, or how limiting they are!

I’d convert them all to tiff, personally.

Agree; good point.

BMP has never been well-supported outside the Microsoft universe.

ImageMagick can (probably) convert your files.

TIFF is good for any image. For graphics, PNG might give smaller files. For graphics files with less than 256 colours, GIF could be smaller still.