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I found some books about RawTherapee on Amazon, but I think none is in English. Probably the most comprehnsive one is in French. Then I found 2 German books that are partly on RawTherapee - some chapters in a book on GIMP and one that is about developing RAW files in general. And they are all not so new.
I guess, books are also a question of money - e.g. there is already a lot of literature about Affinity, although the program is younger than RawTherapee. Altough, I find it hard to believe that a powerful program like RawTherapee can be developed just by some “amateur” programmers in their free time, who are not getting a cent for their work. I imagine that there are hardware (camera?) producers who are supporting RawTherapee.
Anyway, it is a pity that there are not many books about this program, from my point of view.
Then, there are also quite a few books about GIMP…
I know, there are tutorials around in the www… still, it is not the same as a book (that you are willig to pay for).
Is there any work in progress here?

Regards from Vienna

(Mica) #2

You are half correct: I would not call them amatures, as most write software for a living, but none are being paid to work on RT.

What topics would you like to see a book cover?

(Alberto) #3

I think some features were sponsored by some companies that use RT, but the bulk of the work is voluntary, as far as I know.


I think some features were sponsored by some companies that use RT, but the bulk of the work is voluntary, as far as I know.

Which companies are using RT?

Well I have started this thread, but it is funny: I have done quite a bit of work without being payed for it as well, at that time at least. Gábor would say “bagoly mondja a verébnek…”

Concering books and their cover or contents: cover - no idea to be honest.
Contents - I have a blog where I am documenting my photographic work - there are also some tutorials for RT. Basically I am just making screenshots of my settings when I develop photos. I like to pass on my knowledge and I am thrilled about this program but I am not really a RT expert (yet, at least). The URL is in my profile.

(Mica) #5

We do have a plan to write some more educational material, but I’d rather cover the concept, then map the concept onto one or more applications.

I was lucky enough to have a professor when I was taking Photoshop classes that taught us concepts (instead of teaching button clicks and slider positions), so when I moved from photoshop to gimp, it was much less confusing.


What exactly do you mean by “concepts”? Do you mean something like: seeing what needs to be fixed in a photo (analyzing first), then choosing the tools, having several tools for fixing the same problem? (etc)

(Ingo Weyrich) #7

The only sponsored feature I know of is this one

(Morgan Hardwood) #8

You better believe it. That’s why community involvement is so important.

Wouldn’t that be nice…

RawPedia has the latest and most accurate information, and it’s downloadable as a book in PDF form. I will be adding pages about some missing tools in the days to come, and revising everything else over the coming months.

(Mica) #9

Yes, that is what I mean by concept. If you can see what’s wrong, and your knowledge is t directly tied to a tool, then things become much easier.

If all you can see is that you need to use some specific tool, but you don’t understand why, then you’ll never move beyond that single tool.

(Ingo Weyrich) #10

I know one company which uses RawTherapee for several thousand pictures per day (google for picturae). @Morgan_Hardwood afaik knows another company (less amount of pictures per day, but still 3 zeroes after first digit) in Sweden.


I have found this article in German in the c’t magazine
I do not know the contents though