'boxfitting' and 'fx_pack_ellipses' filters



On the latest versions compiled with an updated MSYS2 environment, there is a problem with the ‘boxfitting’ and ‘fx_pack_ellipses’ filters on G’MIC GIMP QT et G’MIC QT:
The result is a black image.

This problem does not exist on G’MIC CLI.
These 2 examples work properly:

gmic sp colorful boxfitting
gmic sp colorful fx_pack_ellipses 3,20,0,30,100,6,1,3,0,0,0,255,0,0

To have a result with ‘boxfitting’ and ‘fx_pack_ellipses’ on G’MIC QT I must modify ‘repeat inf’ by replacing ‘inf’ with an integer.
For example:
repeat 1000 for ‘fx_pack_ellipses’
repeat 3 for ‘Boxfitting’


Thanks Sylvie.

Currently, we use the -Ofast optimization flags when compiling G’MIC-Qt, while gmic uses only -O3. This is related. We should have used -O3 as well for G’MIC-Qt.
If you change -Ofast with -O3 in the gmic_qt.pro file, then the filters are working as expected. This is something we’ll do for the next release.


Good news! Modification ‘-O3’ works for QT.

It is possible to download the binaries corresponding to this modification for Win 64 GIMP 2.10/2.99:

Merci :o)

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Binary packages have been updated on the G’MIC website for 3.2.7_pre.