Bridge over untroubled water

A little bit of a love shoutout to Gmic’s photo-illustration filter. The original raw was converted with Darktable with the tone equalizer used to bring up the shadows a tiny bit and make the overhead branches stand out a little more. The rest was Gmic’s photo illustration filter in Gimp. The layer with photo illustration was overlaid on the original with 60% opacity to tone down the effect a bit.


For those of us who are not into gmic (yet), could you please enlighten us what the effect of the “photo-illustration filter” is?

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I’m struggling to say something else then “apply an effect which turns a photo into something which looks more like a graphical illustration”. I honestly wouldn’t really know how to explain the effect other than looking at the image I posted here. Sorry about that.

And about “getting into gmic”, there’s not much to get into really. It’s a filter (as well as a CLI program of course) with loads of preset effects which you can apply in Gimp or any other software which supports the gmic plugin.

To me, the effect of gmic is just a starting point for further editing usually either by layering different effects or adjusting portions of the image with a mask afterwards.


OK. Thanks!
Pleasant image, by the way.


I think that is a very good explanation.