Bright Wedding Edit

I have recently watched part of a youtube video where some professional wedding photographer was proposing a certain way of editing photos. It all ends in some kind of paid course you have to do (which I really do not want) but by looking at his edits I assumed that he did the following 3 major things:

  • negative vignette without loss of saturation
  • split-toning to increase color contrast
  • some overall vibrance and exposure increase

I have tried to replicate this approach:

Please advise what you think of my edit and if I achieved the above stated ideas. If you are interested I could also share the raw and sidecar files. Please keep in mind: this was the only wedding I ever shot and I am just a hobbiest.

Are these your takes on the process or his examples…if not maybe provide a link or sample for comparison??

I guess you already know this, if you applied the modules in Darktable?

That said, I find the compression unnatural (faces, jacket of the boy in front of the bride, etc), it looks like a contrast reduction. I like the negative vignetting though.

If you want to achieve the “glow” that is fashionable in some wedding photos, you may want to experiment with the diffuse & sharpen module, especially the bloom preset. Change the central radius to taste, and try the multiply blend mode (move the fulcrum so that exposure is OK, reduce opacity to taste).

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Those are my pictures. I was not able to find his youtube video again.

Be careful with the white point. A (white) wedding dress should appear white.

Maybe you could make a play raw from the RAW and put your edit as the first entry.


Okay NP…I think there was a post on the forum asking something similar…it had a young couple, the gentleman was in a naval uniform…I think there the question was how to get a look similar to what you are asking but to maintain skin tones…in any case it looks sort of like a bleach by-pass look or maybe there is another description that is more accurate… mayber more of a washed out retro look??


Thanks for the leg work… :slight_smile:

I will do that. Good idea.