Broken thread view

What the…? The comments and opening post are repeated above the header.

Can you provide more detail? You may have caught @darix just before/after an upgrade. Have you emptied your cache and done a hard refresh?

I have the same issue - including after hard-refresh.

Phenomenon: some of the posts like @afre describes, then the discourse header and the remaining thread as usual

We recently had an update roll out I think. Can y’all clear your cache and try again to see if it persists?

Cache cleared; browser closed; page known to produce the fault visited - error still present. Refresh - error still present. To reproduce (for me) - load the “A Chiaroscuro Portrait” thread - it will jump to the last post, but going to the top of the thread the error is apparent.

Bleached the temp files, still encountering this. Maybe in a few hours it will automagically resolve itself.

So this only affects that one post and only if you visit that Chiaroscuro post. to me it looks like it renders the no script part on top of the JS part.

update: after editing the post the “error” is gone. I guess the rss polling will overwrite it soon again with the content from the feed so we shall see if the error returns.

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You can open chrome, inspecting the page and check if all the resources are correctly loaded using the network tab:

BTW inspecting the page you can disable totally the cache from user side not server side.
It also could be the server cache (nginx or apache side) or redis (partials and pages could be cached).

Should be fixed now, thanks @darix

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Not sure if this is related, but I’ve been getting this on and off since a few hours:

Refreshing the page once or twice fixes this, but have never seen this before.

Only happens when you are not logged in (as far as I can tell).

Funny thing: Scrolling down does refresh the page (lines, not content).

And, yes, I have cleared my cache/cookies.

EDIT: Also, since a few days: The uploaded images do not behave a lot of the time, need to re-upload to fix that (expanding/showing info, that stuff).

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We’ve found the culprit and are in the process of fixing it. :slight_smile:

(It was an errant <noscript> tag from a post that we pulled in through RSS and it upset some things… :smiley: ).


Was like that all morning on mobile and desktop. All is well now. :slight_smile: