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In my never ending quest to get my Tags View situation sorted out, I dual-booted Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon and installed digiKam.
I have managed to get Mint communicating and sharing with my network Windows 7 machines.
When booted into Mint, I can see and access all of the internal and external Windows NTSF drives in the dual boot machine and all network machines with full read/write authority.
In Windows digiKam, when I go to Settings > Configure digiKam > Collections > Add a Collection, I can browse to any and all local and network folders.
Even though I have good connections and full authority, in Linux digiKam, in the same situation, the only choices it gives me in the file browser are the local Linux folders - all two of them.
I have found a time-eating work-around; navigate to the desired folder in Mint native file handler, change the address bar to display the actual location > copy; go back into the digiKam collections file browser and paste into the second space up from the bottom (I think it says "Directories)

Am I missing something; or, is this as good as it gets in Linux digiKam ?

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.


Could it be the same issue as described here:

When adding a collection please try to right click somewhere in the folders tree and check “show hidden folders (F8)”


Thanks; I am not sure; all I know is that, even though Mint’s native file manager can see and access all of the drives connected inside and outside of the dual-boot machine, plus everything on all network machines, none of this stuff is displaying in the “Add a Collection” tree.
I will give the “show hidden folders” a try when I am back in Mint.

What I was hoping was that I could do my digiKam business in Mint and hopefully sidestep the problems I have with it in Windows.


Also are you using digikam 5.6.0 from ubuntu repository or the official appimage ?

You can try downloading the 5.9.0 appimage from digikam, make it executable and run.


I used the 5.6.0 that was in Software Manager; I just clicked and let it do it’s thing.

EDIT:>>> When I right-click the folder tree, I get no response whatsoever, no menu of choices, nothing.


Did you try pressing F8 by chance?


Thanks; F8 does nothing that I can see.
Instead of right-clicking in the folder tree, I right-clicked in the big center space and was able to select “show hidden folders”; all that did was to show the hidden Linux folders and none of the drives/folders where my images are stored.
On researching the situation, I understand that I first have to “mount” the partitions in /fstab; I have been studying this /fstab business, but without seeing a Linux equivalent to Windows Disk Management, I cannot identify which partition is which.
It does no good to look in Windows Disk Management, as Linux has an entirely different identification means.


Okay, I got all of the various partitions “Mounted” in Mint and folder sharing down to rocket science.
digiKam still refuses to list these folders in the browser navigation tree.
In Windows digiKam, I can have collections on external drives and anywhere on the network; Linux digiKam does not even offer me the network folders.
I thought that digiKam sort of being a Linux thing from the get-go, would offer features and dependability that would make Windows pale in comparison; but, so far, that has not been the case.


If you see then in Nemo (file manager) they should be mounted already. You just need to know the path. I don’t know where your network shares mounted to but, for example, USB drives usually can be found at /media/yournane/usb_drive_id on ubuntu based distros.

I don’t think you should manually add your shares to fstab on Mint. IMHO


Not sure… maybe digikam 5.6.0 did not have these features or maybe Mint team compiled it without the network shares support.
Is the result the same in the official appimage download from here:


The two drives that hold my pictures are both internally SATA-connected to the dual-boot Windows/Linux machine; there shouldn’t be any network involved in accessing them.
Unmounted, I could see them in Nemo; and, when I double-clicked them to open and access the contents, it said “mounting the whatever” and then I was in.
Prior to that, in the right-click menu, it said “unmounted”
A curious Linux thing is that, when double-clicked and mounted in Nemo, the path was /media/somesuchorother; I could see them on my network Windows machines, but no way could I access them.
After unmounting and then mounting them using gnome-disk-utility, the path is now /mnt/drive-I.D. and with that simple change, all of the Windows machines have full access.

Either way, /media or /mnt, no way can I browse to them in digiKam.
The only solution I have found that will add them to digiKam collections is to browse to the folder I want in Nemo, copy the address, and then in digiKam paste the address in the second space up from the bottom, “directories” I think it says.

Probably a dumb question — what is an appimage and how does it differ from a .exe installation file ?

Thanks !

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Unfortunately, nemo likely uses a user-space mount to see the drives, called gvfs. digiKam likely can’t see these mounts. You should mount the drives in the fstab, then digiKam should be able to see them.

Not a dumb question at all! AppImage is sort of like an .exe file you unzip on windows and then double click to run. It’s a self-bundled program, so it doesn’t rely (much) on the proper things being installed on your system. It makes it easy to test new applications or application versions without compiling from source or flooding your system with all sorts of cruft.


Yep, an appimage is like a portable application on Windows. Just download the file, right click on it, go to permissions, make it executable and then double click on it to run. Everything but ‘open with’ menu should work awesome


Is Linux like Windows in that the old does not need be uninstalled and the new just overwrites the old ?


[quote=“paperdigits, post:12, topic:10911, full:true”] You should mount the drives in the fstab, then digiKam should be able to see them.
I barely know/understand what I am doing in Linux, so whatever I think I see may not be what I saw at all…
I looked at my fstab file and it listed my pictures drives as mounted.


You don’t have to uninstall anything in order to try an appimage. Just download the file and execute it


@BuckSkin here is short video for you on how to download and run digiKam appimage:


Thanks for the Video!


Well, I finally got this figured out.
I was trying to sleep last night, my stomach all knotted and twisted due to the stress of this problem, tossing and turning through one nightmare after another; then, like a bolt from the blue, I had an epiphany and sat straight up in bed, shot down the stairs, fired up digiKam, and lo and behold it worked.
The solution was right there hidden deeply, camouflaged and obscured before my eyes all the time, in the most obvious non-intuitive manner.
People as dumb as me should be filtered from messing with this Linux mess.

If the digiKam folder browse dialogue had remained the same as it used to be in the good old earlier versions, I would have stumbled upon it long before wasting you guys time and pulling out my hair – singular hair - not plural hair.

When I was trying to look in “Computer”, all I could ever see was “/”, I double-clicked / and low and behold a whole list of goodies showed up, including mnt.

Please rest up and be ready for my next dumb question.

Thanks eversomuch for you guys help; I just wish it hadn’t been over me being so dense…


Yep, everything in linux starts with ‘/’
I am glad you found a solution :slightly_smiling_face: